Some hints and tips about our RSS feeds

RSS is a great way to keep yourself updated about stuff that interest you and of course AlternativeTo provide a couple of different RSS feeds for our content. Read on for a detailed explanation.

RSS for all new applications

These feeds are a subscription of all new applications that get added to our database and there are two separate feeds for the desktop and mobile categories. If you’re only interested in one specific subcategory (like “iPhone” as a subcategory to the mobile category) you can also subscribe to only new applications from that specific subcategory. As an example; this feed lists all new applications that works on Linux and this one gives you a list of all new application for the iPhone. So how do you find the different RSS feeds? Let’s say you want to subscribe to new Blackberry applications. Just go to the mobile category, click on Blackberry and then you get a link to the RSS feed in the right hand sidebar.

RSS for popular applications

Since we get a lot of new content every day, and the main feed might bee too much for most people, we added another type of RSS feed a couple of months back. The popular applications feed gives you all applications that reaches more than 10 likes. We believe that for most people this will be much more useful than subscribing to the feed for all new applications. So if you want to keep an eye on new popular Online applications just add it to your RSS reader of choice. The system works exactly the same as for all new applications if you want to subscribe to only a specific category or subcategory.

RSS for new alternatives to a specific application

This is actually the one feed that we find the most useful. Lets say that you really want to find an alternative to a specific application but you can’t find it anywhere, not even on AlternativeTo. Obviously you don’t want to go back to the site over and over again to see if somebody has added an alternative to the application. Then the simple solution is to subscribe to the RSS feed for the specific application and as soon as someone finds an alternative you will be notified in your RSS reader. You find the link to this feed in the right hand sidebar when you are browsing an application.