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February 20, 2014

Ever since we started AlternativeTo a few years ago we have felt a bit limited with the standard platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and so on. We wanted people to also be able to find alternatives to jQuery Plugins, Chrome Extensions and add-ons to Microsoft Outlook, but we didn’t have a good solution for it until recently.

A few months ago we came up with an idea. Why not make it possible to use any of the apps we have in our database as platforms. The possibilities with this solution are endless. Maybe you want to find Google Chrome alternatives to the awesome Tree Style Tab for Firefox? Or you just want to browse extensions to Windows Explorer? Perhaps find Joomla alternatives to Buddypress? You get the point. We think it’s pretty awesome and this new feature probably makes AlternativeTo one of the most versatile software sites on the planet.

We have also taken the time to rebuild our menus and filter options to make it easier to find and browse all the platforms. Before this update some of our less popular platforms were pretty hard to find and we hope that these changes will help both regular users and power users to find better software.

In order to make the custom platforms as awesome as they have the potential to be we really need your help. We can’t really compete with specialized catalogs, like the browsers own extension repositories for example. But since we have a unique approach and can provide alternatives cross platform we really hope that the community can step up and help us add content. Please report stuff that is incorrect, suggest new platforms for apps and make sure that they have the right alternatives. We really hope this could take AlternativeTo to a new level of usefulness. Enjoy!