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New look, features and discussion forums

June 1, 2010

Right now we’re working hard on bringing you new features and also a cleaner look and feel of the whole site. So what have we done lately?

Discussion forums

Some of you took the time to provide feedback, praise, complaints and questions via the Getsatisfaction service we previously used and we really appreciate that. Even though Getsatisfaction is great we also felt the need for a system that we could integrate tightly into AlternativeTo, so we built our own discussion forums. They’re not only intended for feedback and questions but also for general discussions about software. Be sure to check out the first version of the discussion forums and while you’re there why not leave us some feedback on what way you want us to improve the forums or anything else on the site.

New logo and menu

It’s been a while since we introduced our new logo (see the image above) and last week we also redesigned the menu. We got rid of the tabs and moved the platform switch to the white bar that wasn’t used for anything important. This saves some space and we think the new look is fresh. What do you think? We’re planning on making many small design tweaks in the coming weeks.

Widgets for applications

This one is aimed at software developers that want to show off their applications popularity on AlternativeTo and encourage visitors to go to AlternativeTo and leave comments and to “like” the applications they enjoy. Devs can find the code to use on the widget tab on each application page or go to the Widget & WordPress plugin page.

iPhone = iPhone OS

Have you heard of this thing called iPad? Okay good. When Apple introduced a new device running the iPhone OS we thought it was about time we changed the name of this category from just “iPhone” to “iPhone OS”. All applications running on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad belong here.

Two new blogs: iPhoneUpd & AndroidUpd

Besides working on AlternativeTo we have also launched two small side projects. and are intended to deliver quick and short updates about all things iPhone / Android. Check them out if you’re interested!

Until next time

Join the discussions, suggest any new applications you found recently, join us on Facebook and tell your friends and followers on Twitter and/or Facebook about AlternativeTo. Everyone needs an alternative to something :)

Have a great summer!

Markus & Ola