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Moving on up

May 8, 2009

Hello again! We have made some new updates to the site the last couple of days. The most notable are:

  • Possibility to filter the alternatives by tags. You simply get a list of all the tags that the application has and you can choose one of them and only the alternatives with the same tag will show up. This feature of course depends on that we have good quality on the tags so please help us suggest changes!
  • You can now send messages to users on the site. You can also choose if you want to send it privately or public.
  • We have built a notification system that notifies you if you get a new message, if someone “comment on a application you have commented on” or if we approve a application you have added. You will also get an e-mail with these notifications but you can of course turn that off on your settings page!

Of course we must mention that yesterday we became this week’s “Website We Just Can’t Get Enough Of” on Tekzilla. This is huge for us since we are big fans of Tekzilla, Veronica and Patrick. We knew that we had a great idea but all positive feedback we have got for the site has really been beyond all exceptions!