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Login FAQ

January 4, 2021

Various questions regarding Login and Registration

Create an account

In order to create an account on AlternativeTo, you have to click the 'Sign Up' option in the top right corner of our homepage and choose a login method from Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google, Microsoft, or email/password.

Finally, you have to choose your username and click the 'Complete your profile' button.

You will receive a verification email to confirm your email address and unlock all the functions for your AlternativeTo user account (i.e. vote apps, leave reviews, suggest new apps and edit existing pages).

I haven't received the verification email

First of all, check your inbox and maybe your spam folder, as the email could take some time to arrive. You can also click the option 'Resend Verification Email' on the bar that appears on the top of each page to remember to verify your account or in your user profile.

If this doesn't work either, please email us at and we will help you.

I don't remember my login info

If you signed up with email/password and don't remember your password, you can use the option Forgot Password on the Login Page to get a password reset link to the email address associated with your account.

If you didn't use email/password, or you don't remember which login method you used to sign up on AlternativeTo, click 'Forgot Password' then 'Recover user info page' at the bottom of the page and insert the email address or the nickname of your account. You will then receive an email with your login info.

I want to change my login method

At the moment, we don't have an automatic way to change login method, but we can fix your account manually.

Please email us at and we will help you as soon as possible.