Let's give back some link love

A while back we released a WordPress plugin and an API for AlternativeTo and we believe that they both have the potential to be very useful to any website dedicated to software for computers or mobile phones. But we also wanted to give something back to people that link to us and that’s why we introduced a pingback/trackback feature a couple of weeks back.

Pingback is a feature that is very common among blogs. It basically means that if you link to a blog post you get a link back from that blog in its comments or wherever the author of the site chooses to put the links. On AlternativeTo it works the same way. If you link to any of our “application pages” (example: Photoshop) we automatically link back to your article in the sidebar under the header Sites that links to this page.

These links are a great way for users to dig deeper by checking out other websites and blogs opinions about the application and you as a publisher will get more visitors (and some link love) from us.