Apps We Like #008 - Plex

For people who don’t rely only on streaming services for watching TV-series, movies and other types of media files, Plex is a great solution. It’s free (with some limitations) and very easy to use. Plex consists of both a media server and a media player, and all you have to do is to specify all the folders containing your media files. The server will then scan everything, sort it and add all the meta data and images needed to present your files in the best way possible.

Your media library is then available on all your devices, either via your local network, synced and stored on your portable device or steamed over the web. You can even share your library with friends and family. Plex works on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox, Samsung, Chromecast etc.

Check out Plex or alternatives to Plex