A lot of fixes!

Since we went semi-public about a week ago we have made a lot of fixes and implemented some new features:

  • You can now provide some more details about yourself when you register. These settings can of course be edited at any time later. New details include URL, your Twitter username and a short presentation.
  • The new details is showing up on your new and improved profile. On your profile we also list what applications you like and what applications you have added to the system. If you change your mind regarding liking an application you now have the possiblity to “unlike” it.
  • The sidebar has got some new lists like “applications in need of alternatives” and “user activity”.
  • We show some more info about the user who suggested the application on the application page.
  • Added a “share this” button under the “get involved” header on the application page.
  • You’re now able to “like” the main application you’re browsing, not just it’s alternatives.
  • We also fixed a lot of small bugs.

What is next on the to-do list?

  • A system for comments

Help us out!

Please provide us with all the feedback you have. We want to build the ultimate place to find new applications and you guys probably have lots of ideas how to improve the site and it’s functions. Send an e-mail to hello@alternativeto.net with any feedback you have.

Thank you!

A big thanks to all you who have sent us feedback and suggested applications. Keep it up.