A first look at the AlternativeTo API

Wohooo! Today we are releasing an early beta of the AlternativeTo API. It is in its early stages but we want to get it out to you guys so that we can get your opinions which will help us develop it the way you want it. The API lets you get basic information about applications and users on AlternativeTo.

The API returns data formatted in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The plan is tosupport more data formats in the future. You can read more about how to use jQuery to request and consume JSON data on this website:


We really want your feedback on the API so if you have requests for more methods, what kind of data you want to get or any other questions or suggestions then please feel free to comment or send us an e-mail at hello@alternativeto.net

Get an application and it’s alternatives

  1. http://api.alternativeto.net/software/firefox/?count=5
  2. http://api.alternativeto.net/software/spotify/?count=5
  3. http://api.alternativeto.net/software/firefox/?count=5&platform=linux|mac
  4. http://api.alternativeto.net/software/firefox/?count=5&license=free

Returns information about the specified application and the specified number of alternatives. You can also filter the list by platform and license.

*Get recently added applications

  1. *http://api.alternativeto.net/software/recent/?platform=iphone&license=opensource
  2. http://api.alternativeto.net/software/recent/?count=5

Returns recently added applications.

*Search applications

  1. http://api.alternativeto.net/search/software/antivirus/?platform=windows*
  2. http://api.alternativeto.net/search/software/antivirus/**

Returns a freetext search of “antivirus”. Can be filtered by platform.

*Get a list of applications a user recently liked

  1. http://api.alternativeto.net/user/ola/software/likes/?count=5
  2. http://api.alternativeto.net/user/markus/mobile/likes/
  3. http://api.alternativeto.net/user/ola/likes/?count=5

This method returns a specified number of applications that the user likes.

Get a list of application a user has added

  1. http://api.alternativeto.net/user/ola/software/added/?count=5
  2. http://api.alternativeto.net/user/ola/software/added/?count=5
  3. http://api.alternativeto.net/user/markus/added/?count=5

Returns the applications that the specified user has added to AlternativeTo.

More info about the paramaters

You can filter all the list by platform and license.

  1. License filters: free,opensource and commercial. If you use free all applications that has Free, Open Source, Free with limited functionality and Free for personal use will be listed. Open Source and Commercial just list the items that has these licenses.
  2. Platform filter: You can filter by multiple platforms but they will do a OR query. So if you send in windows|linux we will give you all items that is Windows OR Linux.
  3. Count: Count is always optional and default is 5

See some examples above.