Some hints and tips about our RSS feeds

RSS is a great way to keep yourself updated about stuff that interest you and of course AlternativeTo provide a couple of different RSS feeds for our content. Read on for a detailed explanation. RSS for all new applications These feeds are a subscription of all new applications that get added to our database and there »

Let's give back some link love

A while back we released a WordPress plugin and an API for AlternativeTo and we believe that they both have the potential to be very useful to any website dedicated to software for computers or mobile phones. But we also wanted to give something back to people that link to us and that’s why we »

Some changes made the last couple of months

The last couple of months we have been planning for the future of AlternativeTo and we also made some small improvements to the site. You can expect major changes coming this spring but today we want to give you an update about what we have done lately. – Applications that have not been approved yet are marked »

Wordpress plugin for AlternativeTo available now

We know, it’s only been a day since we released our API, but we have something nice for you today as well. In our quest to help people find better applications our latest project is a WordPress plugin that you as a blogger can add to your post and display great alternatives to applications you »

A first look at the AlternativeTo API

Wohooo! Today we are releasing an early beta of the AlternativeTo API. It is in its early stages but we want to get it out to you guys so that we can get your opinions which will help us develop it the way you want it. The API lets you get basic information about applications and »

Some issues with OpenID sign up/signing in

Unfortunately we’ve had a problem with OpenID the last couple of days that caused some issues with both new registrations and signing in to existing accounts. If you have been registered for more than a week and haven’t experienced any issues then you should be fine. If you have had problems signing in the »

New features and design improvements

It’s getting cold outside (we’re from Sweden) but on AlternativeTo it’s definitely heating up! We have been hard at work trying to enhance the look and feel of the site, and as always we added new features and got rid of some bugs as well. New startpage with featured applications. Updated design across »

In Search Of...

It’s now possible to add AlternativeTo Search to your browser. We have tested this in Firefox (2+) Internet Explorer (7+) and in Google Chrome. Just go to our search page and click on one of the links to the right to add them. If you use Chrome or Firefox you can also assign a keyword »

Let's get social!

We recently added some new features that will make it easier for you to tell your friends about cool applications you find on AlternativeTo. If you “like” or comment on an application you now have the possibility to publish that on Facebook or Twitter. We thought that if you really like an application it’s likely »

Follow AlternativeTo on Facebook

We recently created a page for AlternativeTo on the popular social networking site Facebook. And while we were at it we even snatched the nice URL to make it easy to find. If you use Facebook and like AlternativeTo then add yourself as a fan to stay updated and show your support. See »