New platform: Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is releasing their new mobile platform called Windows Phone 7 across the globe in the next couple of weeks. Many people (including us) are excited about this.

We just added Windows Phone as a new platform to AlternativeTo and we really hope that we can help make a switch to Windows Phone 7 easier by providing you with alternatives to the popular iPhone and Android applications that are out there.

Windows Mobile will still be in our database so remember this:

  • Windows Phone = Windows Phone 7
  • Windows Mobile = Old stuff

We are aware that Microsoft has re-branded Windows Mobile into Windows Phone but we think that when people talk about Windows Phone in the future they mean Windows Phone 7 (and 8 and so on whether they will call them).

And last but not least: please help us add new apps to this new platform. Both apps that only exist for WP7 and apps already in our database that has versions for Windows Phone. Thank you!

Changes in the registration process

As mentioned in our previous post we were featured on Reddit recently and we got a ton of great feedback from the Reddit users. Among other stuff we got some valuable input on our registration process. So we made our incredibly simple registration process even simpler!

  • Removed requirement for e-mail: Previously we required you to enter an e-mail adress but since we use OpenID and Facebook Connect there isn’t really a real need for that. We still recommend everyone to enter an e-mail adress but you don’t need to anymore. If you want to get e-mail notifications you obviously still need to enter your e-mail adress tough, and it will help out a lot if you need help with your account.
  • Removed requirement for username: We also required you to enter a username but for people who just want to like some applications or to give us some quick feedback about applications that should not be alternatives to each other we do not even require that anymore.

This means that our registration process is nothing more than one or two clicks. We hope you like it!