Some hints and tips about our RSS feeds

RSS is a great way to keep yourself updated about stuff that interest you and of course AlternativeTo provide a couple of different RSS feeds for our content. Read on for a detailed explanation.

RSS for all new applications

These feeds are a subscription of all new applications that get added to our database and there are two separate feeds for the desktop and mobile categories. If you’re only interested in one specific subcategory (like “iPhone” as a subcategory to the mobile category) you can also subscribe to only new applications from that specific subcategory. As an example; this feed lists all new applications that works on Linux and this one gives you a list of all new application for the iPhone. So how do you find the different RSS feeds? Let’s say you want to subscribe to new Blackberry applications. Just go to the mobile category, click on Blackberry and then you get a link to the RSS feed in the right hand sidebar.

RSS for popular applications

Since we get a lot of new content every day, and the main feed might bee too much for most people, we added another type of RSS feed a couple of months back. The popular applications feed gives you all applications that reaches more than 10 likes. We believe that for most people this will be much more useful than subscribing to the feed for all new applications. So if you want to keep an eye on new popular Online applications just add it to your RSS reader of choice. The system works exactly the same as for all new applications if you want to subscribe to only a specific category or subcategory.

RSS for new alternatives to a specific application

This is actually the one feed that we find the most useful. Lets say that you really want to find an alternative to a specific application but you can’t find it anywhere, not even on AlternativeTo. Obviously you don’t want to go back to the site over and over again to see if somebody has added an alternative to the application. Then the simple solution is to subscribe to the RSS feed for the specific application and as soon as someone finds an alternative you will be notified in your RSS reader. You find the link to this feed in the right hand sidebar when you are browsing an application.

Let’s give back some link love

A while back we released a WordPress plugin and an API for AlternativeTo and we believe that they both have the potential to be very useful to any website dedicated to software for computers or mobile phones. But we also wanted to give something back to people that link to us and that’s why we introduced a pingback/trackback feature a couple of weeks back.

Pingback is a feature that is very common among blogs. It basically means that if you link to a blog post you get a link back from that blog in its comments or wherever the author of the site chooses to put the links. On AlternativeTo it works the same way. If you link to any of our “application pages” (example: Photoshop) we automatically link back to your article in the sidebar under the header Sites that links to this page.

These links are a great way for users to dig deeper by checking out other websites and blogs opinions about the application and you as a publisher will get more visitors (and some link love) from us.


Some changes made the last couple of months

The last couple of months we have been planning for the future of AlternativeTo and we also made some small improvements to the site. You can expect major changes coming this spring but today we want to give you an update about what we have done lately.

– Applications that have not been approved yet are marked with a yellow notification bar. You can still browse to these applications and tell friends about them but we can not guarantee that all of them will be approved.

– Our API has been rebuilt. The main difference for users of the API is that the URLs have changed to make them much cleaner. Read more about it on our API page.

– The RSS feeds had some small bugs that have been fixed.

– We have had problems getting some OpenID providers to work well on AlternativeTo but after some tweaking we think that we got most of these problems out of the way.

– Contributors and the users that added an application are now given rights to change the names of applications.

– We made it possible to like applications from all pages on AlternativeTo. This will hopefully make it easier for you to tell the world what applications you like and make AlternativeTo an even better place for finding great alternatives.

– We are giving some credits to Rackspace Cloud in the website footer. We are really happy with Rackspace Cloud and if you want to try it out for yourself then please use our referral link and you will support us in the process.

– Applications that exist on both the desktop and mobile versions of AlternativeTo are now linked. You can see this on applications like Evernote and TweetDeck.

Thanks for your support and for using AlternativeTo. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff coming soon!