So fresh and so clean clean

Hi people! As you might already know we recently moved to a new server and things seems to be working really well now. Unlike our previous solution everything should scale well if we hit another traffic boost in the future. In other news, we just uploaded a new version of the site with some nice fixes and features!

Here is a short summary of what’s new:

  • The lists of alternative applications has a new design and now shows the icon, tags and a new button for liking the application.
  • The urls to applications and users are a lot prettier than before which makes it a lot easier to post links to AlternativeTo. The new format is and
  • Tabs have been added to the user profile page. It lets you browse the applications the user likes, all comments he or she has made or the applications he has added to the site.
  • If you search for an application and you get it exactly right, and there are no other applications containing that name, you will be transported to it’s page instead of the search results.
  • If RSS isn’t you thing, you can now subscribe to new applications via email.

A question of time

It seems like the move went fine. If you were active on the site you probably got an error or two but nothing major.

And it seems like the time on the new server wasn’t the same as on the old one. But that will correct itself in an hour or two.

Please report anything you find via the feedback thingy to the left or send us a mail on [email protected]

A short break

We are moving to new servers. It will probably just take a couple of minutes. Hang on!

Btw. While you are waiting. Follow us on Twitter! Or digg us! Or make a cup of coffe and relax a bit.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Sometime during the coming days we will begin moving the site to a new server and you will most likely experience some downtime. We hope to make this as quick as possible and will do what we can to minimize any trouble. When the site is up and running on the new server it will be a better experience for us all so it will be worth the wait.

In the past couple of days there have been many minor bug fixes and improvements to AlternativeTo. Some of them are:

  • The page where you enter your Facebook Connect or OpenID to sign in has been improved and is no longer a pop-up.
  • A problem with the About/Feedback page has been fixed and it now works better on devices with small screens.
  • We added a new share button from on every application page. You can use it to share an application and it’s alternatives with your friends on a lot of different online services.
  • It is now possible to post comments on this blog.
  • We improved the support for Internet Explorer 6. But if you still use it you should upgrade or find another great browser!

Remember to follow us on Twitter for all the important updates and a great way to talk to us.

AlternativeTo: @Alternativeto

Ola: @olaj

Markus: @raawmarkus

Around The World

The last week was very hectic but really great for us since a lot of new people found their way to the site. They were introduced to AlternativeTo by the many blogs and other coverage that was posted lately. We would like to thank everyone of you who wrote about us on Twitter, blogs etc! Here are some examples from all over the world:

Lifehacker (blog post)

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gHacks (blog post)

MakeUseOf (blog post) (norweigan blog post)

Applesphera (spanish blog post)

Software Player (taiwanese blog post)

Göteborgsposten Teknik & trender (swedish blog post)

TKJ (interview in swedish)

Olhar Digital (brazilian video review)

Ehrensenf (german video review)

MegaByteTV (british video review)

Let’s push things forward

Wow, things ar starting to take off! Both when it comes to features (see below) and also when we look at the traffic statistics. People are writing blog posts, adding to Delicious, posting links on Twitter and doing some Digging. Thank you so much for your support and please keep spreading the word about AlternativeTo.

We just pushed a new version of the site and here are some of the updates:

  • New tabs on the startpage where you can check out the applications with most likes, most views and recently added. The mysterious tab called OMG FAIL lists applications with no alternatives added. With your help we should be able to find alternatives to most of them so start suggesting, thanks!
  • A list of top contributers have been added to the sidebar. By likes, suggestions, comments and feedback you help making the site better and the alternatives more relevant and this is our way to thanking you all.
  • The sidebar also have a brand new box for sharing and following AlternativeTo on social networking sites. The services are Delicious, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Digg and subscribe via RSS. Let’s push things forward!
  • A form has been added to the About-page for quick and easy submission of feedback.
  • The latest posts from this blog are listed in the sidebar.
  • Improvements have been made to search, application listing and many small bugs have been fixed.