Apps We Like #009 – 1Password


With more and more of our documents, social interactions and other private information stored online, keeping our data safe is more important than ever. If you’re not already using a password manager then it is time to start, so read on.

1Password is one of the best password managers out there, and it has been my choice for many years. It started out as a Mac OS X app but it is now also available for iOS, Windows and Android. The name say it all – you create one secure password that you remember and then use that to access all your other passwords. You can also store more types of sensitive data like software licenses, credit cards, secure notes etc. A browser add-on lets you generate random passwords for new sites as well as log in quickly to saved sites.

Check out 1Password or alternatives to 1Password

Apps We Like #008 – Plex

Plex screenshot

For people who don’t rely only on streaming services for watching TV-series, movies and other types of media files, Plex is a great solution. It’s free (with some limitations) and very easy to use. Plex consists of both a media server and a media player, and all you have to do is to specify all the folders containing your media files. The server will then scan everything, sort it and add all the meta data and images needed to present your files in the best way possible.

Your media library is then available on all your devices, either via your local network, synced and stored on your portable device or steamed over the web. You can even share your library with friends and family. Plex works on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox, Samsung, Chromecast etc.

Check out Plex or alternatives to Plex

Apps We Like #007 – Pocket Casts


Whenever I’m walking, driving or bicycling somewhere alone I always listen to a podcast on my phone. It’s a great way to turn potentially boring time into the exact opposite. Instacast has been my podcast player of choice since it first came out, so it was sad to see it get discontinued a while ago.

I used AlternativeTo and a few Apple blogs I trust to find some alternatives to try out, and I finally ended up with a great solution. It’s called Pockets Casts and it has a ton of features like auto downloads, reliable syncing and speed adjustments. But what I like the most is the ability to create custom filters for your podcasts episodes. Pocket Casts sync between all your devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and there’s even a web version.

Other good alternatives to Instacast and Pocket Casts are Overcast and Castro.

Check out Pocket Casts or alternatives to Pocket Casts!

Apps We Like #006 – Spotify


There’s a huge battle going on right now between different services who wants us to pay them use their specific platform when listening to music. Most people see streaming as the only way into the future of music and our fellow Swedes at Spotify was one of the first to go this route. According to us they’re also doing it very well.

Spotify apps are available on most major platforms, and they also offer a web version. Their main strengths include a huge music library, great curation, a very clean UI and an overall fast and streamlined experience. The company recently announced support for videos, podcasts and features for running, which sure is interesting.

Check out Spotify or alternatives to Spotify!

Apps We Like #005 – Telegram

Telegram logo

The killer feature of any messaging app is always the fact that your friends are using it, or that they are willing to start. While this factor is different for everyone, having apps available for many platforms is a good start. Telegram is used a lot by the AlternativeTo team and it is available on almost any major platform, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

We really like that Telegram is open (API), free (forever) and heavily focused on privacy and security. It is also feature-rich without feeling overwhelming. Your chats sync to all your devices, if you want them to, and the support for group chats is very powerful.

Check out Telegram or alternatives to Telegram!

6 Years Of Helping People Find Better Software


Yes, websites can have birthdays! Six years ago today we published the very first version of AlternativeTo, and today more people than ever come to the site daily in search of better alternatives to applications and tools they want to replace. They come from countries all over the world, and according to Google Analytics we have actually had visitors from almost every (244 out of 247) country in the world. That includes 505 from Cook Islands, 129 from North Korea, 10 from Vatican City and 1 from Western Sahara. We sure hope they and many, many others found applications that made their lives better, easier and more fun.

Soon our team will meet up in Italy and make more plans for the future. At the moment we’re working on a major design update, and we have some interesting new features planned for 2015. We will also be focusing more on content creation, curation and social features. We can’t wait to show you more later this year.

If you want to help us make the site an even better resource then feel free to add your favorite applications to the site, click like on the applications you enjoy using so more people get the chance to experience them and send us any feedback you might have.

(Original image by Nicolas Raymond)

Apps We Like #004 – Scanbot


Apps that transform paper documents to digital versions are a crowded space, especially on iOS. But after testing many of them over a period of many months I have found a clear favorite. Scanbot has all the features you will ever need without feeling overcomplicated or bloated.

Most importantly, it’s very quick and easy to use. Start the app and you’re directly in camera mode. Scanbot can be configured to operate automatically from here. The app then identifies the document you want to scan, snaps a photo of it and then edits it to correct blur, perspective and colors. It can even automatically upload the file to Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote or your choice of cloud storage. No buttons pushed.

Check out Scanbot or alternatives to Scanbot!

Apps We Like #003 – Nuzzel


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the massive flow of blog posts, news articles, videos and other links coming at us every day via social media platforms. The people we follow on Twitter and Facebook have a ton of interesting links to share but sometimes you just can’t handle them all. If there only were a way to have all those links automatically curated…

Well, there is a great solution: Nuzzel is an iPhone app that lists the most shared links from your friends on Twitter and/or Facebook. The real killer feature of the app is a setting that lets you receive push notifications when three or more of the people you follow have shared the same link. The end result depends a lot on who you follow, but our experience is that the system works very well.

Check out Nuzzle!

Apps We Like #002 – Slack


These weekly recommendations will always be about apps and services that one or more of us in the AlternativeTo love and use. Slack is the latest product we started using as a team and it has really changed the way we work together.

Slack is a powerful, fast and beautiful platform for team communication. They claim to be on a mission to kill email between team members and they sure have succeeded with the AlternativeTo team. You can create channels for any project, team or topic that you need to keep a separate discussion for. At first sight we felt some vibes from the years we spent on IRC back in the days, and we mean that in a very good way.

Besides discussions, private messages, inline images and videos, Slack also integrates with a large number of external services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Github, Pingdom, IFTTT and more. They also have an awesome API that lets you integrate Slack with your own systems. Apps are available for iOS, Android and OS X, with Windows and Windows Phone versions on the way. You may not know that you need this tool yet, but trust us, you do!

Check out Slack or alternatives to Slack!

Apps We Like #001 – Authy


Welcome to Apps We Like – a weekly, hand-picked app recommendation by the AlternativeTo team. The first pick ever is Authy, a powerful two-factor authentication app that provides extra security for services like Google, Facebook, Evernote and Dropbox.

Authy is a popular alternative to Google Authenticator that lets you share your two-factor authentication accounts between all your devices, and it can even make a full, encrypted cloud backup of all your accounts. Authy is available on all major mobile and desktop platforms such as iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, Linux and more.

Check out Authy or alternatives to Authy!